Monday, November 23, 2009
4:03 PM
It's been a long time since I wrote a blog entry. I guess university life is really eating away at my time... seems like I don't even have the time to relax without worrying about papers and exams that are due.

Life of a science student, I guess.

Speaking of university, this blog post is an impulse... something that happened today that I really couldn't stop myself from writing about. So after my lab exam (which was terrible by the way, had no idea what was going on...) I went to the dining hall to grab something to eat. First meal of the day at 3pm folks, lol.

I ordered the usual from the Grill, a tuna melt sandwich and some curly fries to top ti off. Yeah, probably not the healthiest choice and I'd eaten it three days in a row already but it's just so tasty. The workers in the Grill rotate on a daily basis from what I've gathered, so it's not the same person who gives me my food everyday. However, I think I've pretty much seen all of them from the rotations and the one I had today was this man who's always friendly and giving students tips on how to save money by buying your own containers instead of constantly paying for take out dishes.

I was pleasantly surprised when he took a bunch of curly fries and reheated them for me. He handed me my plate with a big smile and exclaimed they were "nice and hot". I thought it was a really nice gesture considering the other workers would've probably just dumped on the lukewarm fries (it's happened before) on the plate without a second thought. It really put a smile on my face, especially after my stupid lab exam.

This got me thinking to another incident though, something that I'd pushed to the back of my mind and forgotten.

When I first got something from the Grill, I remember there were two Korean guys waiting for their food too. I'm pretty sure I talked to one of them before when a group of them approached me randomly (Korean people do this to other Koreans). I didn't really think much about them until I heard parts of their conversation in Korean. It translated roughly into:

Guy 1: Wow, why the fuck is he using his hands?
Guy 2: I know right.
Guy 1: That's fucking disgusting.
Guy 2: He should wear gloves or something.
Guy 1: I don't even want to eat my food now.

I was absolutely shocked at the offensive language they were using to the guy who was prepping their food, who by the way, was also the same man that warmed up my curly fries. The two guys had the most grossed out facial expressions and it was just ridiculous to hear and watch. I mean, I can understand the concern in hygiene if you're like OCD or something but REALLY? Don't your parents use their bare hands to prepare food for you? If you don't use your hands, what are you supposed to use... your feet? It's this guy's job and you're saying shit about it when you probably couldn't even do better. Face it, your hands, their hands, anyone's hands are all probably covered in bacteria from touching other things... the worker's hands are probably the cleanest considering it's their fucking job and they're constantly preparing food so I can imagine that cleanliness is a big deal. The moment you touch your own food to put it in your mouth, there goes another 289583 million bacteria transferred to it. I can't believe the bullshit people come up with just because they want to complain for no apparent reason. QQ more. It's also pretty obvious that you can eat at other places and not just the Grill... nobody forces you to eat there.

Seriously, I can't believe the ungratefulness and lack of manners of some kids these days. They take shit for granted and expect everything to be handed to them on a golden platter anyways. If you don't want food from there, it's simple, don't go there. You should also watch out what you say in public because it could really make you look like a douchebag and you never know who can understand what you're saying even if it's in another language. I have to admit that I've probably blurted out some less than necessary comments but I just couldn't believe what those stupid kids were talking about. Don't want to eat it anymore? Then don't.

Funny, I saw them sit down and eat their burger and they looked like they were enjoying it too. I don't want to end with some cliche like "don't say what you don't mean" but it's true.

/rant over

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Blogger Jin said...
There are signs at one of our residence cafeterias explaining that scientifically, washing hands periodically is actually more hygienic than using gloves.

Don't know if that's proven, but I frankly don't care as long as they don't snot all over their hands and don't wash them.

Kids these days are really pampered way too much. They all need a good disciplining...in the form of beatin'. It was depressing to see an older lady (40's, 50's) give up her seat to an elderly lady (70+) in the crowded downtown rush hour subway, while some teenagers just walked in and rushed to any open seat they saw.

Hope your other exams went okay though :)
December 20, 2009 at 11:35 AM  

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